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Two beaches of the triestine Riviera  are among the eight unique top   beaches in the whole of Italy (8000 km. shoreline) with 5 stars water quality: Punta Sottile and Miramare have won this precious award 2004.




Connected to the city by buses #51 (Central Trieste - Airport ) and #21 (Central Trieste - Sunny Island Grado )




Boat services from the harbor of Trieste.


It' s the best  beach resort in Trieste.

Developed during Trieste's great days at the end of the nineteenth century, comes to life in summer, when all Trieste seems to come here to chat, play cards, sunbath and swim.





The water is very clean. Just short of the resort,  is the Rilke's Promenade.

Leading magazines inserted the coast near Sistiana among the most clean and wonderful beaches of the year.





Le Ginestre



Le Ginestre



Isola dei Bagni (Panzano)



Sistiana Caravella



Dama Bianca





Badeanstalt Grignano Riviera





Great for swimming, sand on the ground, there's also swimming pools with sea-water.

You can reach this resort from Trieste's harbor in half of an hour, or  catching a bus in 15 mns. line 36























Facing the Gulf of Trieste, Muggia is in the  Istrian portion of the territory with strong characteristics of Venetian culture and still today maintains its eloquent traces of its antiqueness.




Punta Sottile


San Bartolomeo


Punta Olmi






Situated to the South of Friuli, between Venice and Trieste, Lignano is a peninsula stretching in to the Adriatic Sea. Lignano is a popular destination for Europeans and it offers mild, healthy climate and outstanding facilities for sport and entertainment. With its lively atmosphere and excellent amenities, Lignano provides the ideal environment for study and leisure.
Lignano is divided in 3 great areas: Lignano Sabbiadoro: the tip of the peninsula, the heart of entertainment, full of life and irresistible attractions for children and adults. Lignano Pineta: the green area of the city, a relaxing place in perfect harmony with the vegetation to which it owes its name. Lignano Riviera: the most recent area, where the new boat marina and dockyards are located. The Zoo, the “Aquasplash" water park and fun fair is also nearby.
Lignano has an extensive 8 km golden beach with calm shallow water. Around the beach area a wide variety of games take place, volleyball, bowls, tennis andsoccer. Sporting equipment can be rented, for all types of water sports: Paddle boats, surfboards, sailing boats, canoes, etc.
Outside of Lignano, you will find Marano Lagoon and with fishing valleys, to the extensive pine woods and farming land. If you would like to travel further a field, Venice, Verona, Trieste, Aquileia and Cividale are all nearby. This program has been designed for students who would like to learn a language but also enjoy a schedule of activities. The program allows the student to mix with other international students from around the world and local students, of the same age.


Spiaggia di Riviera



Punta Faro



Lignano Riviera






Aquapark Grado



Spiaggia di Grado


The beauties of Grado, the blue sea and the sunny strand facing South, but also its peculiar healing sand were its luck: during the Hauptsburg's rule Emperor Franz Joseph appointed the town as Imperial Thermal Place (25 July 1892) and instituted the first Committee to manage sea therapy. Thus Grado became one of the favourite resort of the Viennese end-of-century society and was equipped to host an increasing number of visitors. But it was the Romans who first discovered the sands of Grado for healing their ills, thanks to its therapeutic qualities. In fact, the continual rising and falling of the tides and the thick vegetation on the foreshore create a large amount of oxygen, which combined with the high level of iodine and elevated salinity of the sea, confers miraculous qualities to the sand




Banco della Mula di Muggia (Grado)




Duino Porto


Santa Croce a Mare (Trieste)










Lignano Pineta






A resort or beach that is Clothing Optional means that you can be dressed or nude  - your choice. Many first timers prefer Clothing Optional locations because it gives them a chance to "ease" out of their clothes.

A Nude or Nudist facility or beach usually means that you are expected to be out of your clothes completely in the designated areas.

Nude beaches, clothing optional travel and nude recreation have exploded in popularity over the last 5 years.


Falesie tra Duino e Sistiana (TRIESTE) - Spiaggia Dama Bianca

Nude Beach. The very mention of these two words often arouses feelings of titillation, embarrassment, outrage or even a combination of the three. For  thousands of people, however, the idea of a nude beach seems, well, natural. After all, we all come into this world wearing only our birthday suits.

Nude and topless beaches first became popular along the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts of France in the 1950s. Since then, several beaches from Crete to the Caribbean have become "clothing optional."

In the United States and much of Europe, people generally arrive at Bare Beach already in bathing attire, shedding it after deploying their blankets or chairs and umbrella.

But in France and here in Italy, you can observe the bewitching custom of men and women appearing at the beach in street clothes and stripping down in situ.

Beach Cava di Sistiana


This clothing optional coastline can be found south Sistiana Bay.

 Sistiana is a quarter-hour drive from Central Trieste, 13 km straight down the coastline toward Duino and the Airport, taking you through Barcola, Grignano and the Castle of Miramare along the way.

The beaches in the Bay,  close to the parking lots, are textile beaches (Caravella and Castelreggio).

 A 10-minute hike through the cliffside scenery to the left of Beach Restaurant Castelreggio leads you to the clothing optional beaches, which are situated on  small tidal coves.

Crystal clear waters and a tolerant, relaxed atmosphere with both nude and swimsuited folks.

 Those who are there for several hours may alternate between nudity and swimsuits as the spirit moves them and it's no big deal.

Unlike some "familiar" nude beaches, this Coast promotes a freewheeling and indulgent naturist experience for  singles and couples. No families or children here. Located is not strictly divided into "straight" and "all male" sections, they mix freely with each other. Clothing is optional throughout the entire coastline with wonderful facilities for swimming, sunbathing, and more.

Isolated beaches are surrounded by high shrubs, craggy rocks and driftwood.

Beyond the beaches, flat rocky cliffs extend for a few kilometers.

It is very easy to traverse these outcrops, which are also clothing optional.

Lots of secluded spots behind rocks for some "outdoor fun," too.


 You can sit on these cliffs with the ocean surging just meters below.

On the right day, the waves crash like thunderclaps and white foam and spray lift high in the air. If you do not enjoy the heat of the beach, you can nestle beneath large stones to escape the breeze and find any degree of privacy you might prefer.

You can only hear the sounds of nature and some quiet friendly maritime conversation, and on occasion you can see dolphins from the peak of these rocks.




Plan von Textil- und Fkk Gelände


Nacktes Sonnenbaden an der Triester Riviera

Strand Cava di Sistiana

Autobahn Villach/ Triest. Autobahnausfahrt Sistiana/Miramare/Triest, gleich nach der Ausfahrt bei der Gabelung rechts und dann wieder rechts (nach Sistiana/Duino). Bei der nächsten Kreuzung (Rundbau) links, Richtung Triest ,auf der Bundesstraße SS 14 (heißt "Costiera", weil sie am Meer entlang führt).

Nach etwa 1 km gibt es auf der rechte Seite eine kleine Einfahrt für den Parkplatz. Der Weg zum Meer beginnt hier beim Lattenzaun. Den 10-minütigen Fußweg hinabgeben und am Ende - nach der Treppe - links halten. Das Fkk Gebiet befindet sich entlang der Felsen und erstreckt bis zum alten Hafendamm, von dem man auch ins Wasser springen kann.

Auch vom Parkplatz ( -.80 € stündlich, 5 € den ganzen Tag) in der Sistianer Bucht erreichbar. Vom Parkplatz links,den Restaurant Castelreggio vorbeigehen und dann weiter etwa 10 Minuten entlang der Küste gehen.( Richtung Triest).Kilometerweit zieht sich der felsige FKK-Strand, unterbrochen von Felsplateaus und kleinen Kieselbuchten, nach Süden.

 An diesem wunderschönen Strand (der schönste FKK-Strand Nord-Italiens) ist das Meer warm und die Sonne scheint bis 20:00 Uhr, das Wasser ist immer sauber, man kann die Tiefe sehen. Hier trifft man . Da der Fußweg etwas beschwerlich ist, kommen vorwiegend nur junge (20-35) hier her. Nicht für Familien.


Beach Costa dei Barbari


You have to hike about 2 km  to get to the largest beach, but upon arrival, wow ! Costa dei barbari is great if you want a friendly, non-threatening clothing-optional environment.

Aqua blue waters, completely natural setting. Most everyone is nude and  man is again one with nature. Paradise! The  beach is sheltered at both ends by the curve of the shoreline and by large rock precipices.

The Mediterranean is warm here and a refreshing dip to escape the sun is as typical as a leisurely soak.



Beach Liburnia

These familiar nude beaches are full of a mixed group of people, ranging from families with children to couples.

On any given weekend there are hundreds of people, so get there early and bring suntan lotion.

 As a familiar nude beach, overt public sex is definitely frowned upon, but in-ocean cuddling and kissing is  tolerated.

From Sistiana take the coastal road for Trieste, passed the highway park your car in the layby placed 150 meters before the gallery. Follow the path that goes down the cliff: it begins with iron stairs. Once you are on the beach turn left and stop when you see nude people. Bring with you shoes for swimming and an air-bed to lay down on the beach.


Beach Filtri di Santa Croce

From Trieste go on the Statal Road number 14 and follow the sign for "Laboratorio di Biologia Marina". Park your car on the road that goes to the laboratory (via A.Piccard), a few hundred meters before reaching it, and go down the stairs that lead to the textile beach (Restaurant Bellariva). Passed the little harbour, that is on your right, follow the path that goes through a wood. After 200 meters there is another beach. Stop when you see nude people. Bring with you shoes for swimming and an air-bed to lay down on the beach.

La plage dei Filtri  est fréquentée d'un groupe de personnes mélangé, s'étendant des familles aux couples.  N'importe quel week-end il y a des centaines de personnes, ainsi y arrivez tôt et apportez la lotion de bronzage.  Comme plage nue, le sexe public manifeste est certainement froncé .

 Le long de la route côtière au kilomètre 144 (par Rue Auguste Piccard) au bord de la mer le restaurant Bellariva:  allez alors a la droite par les buissons direction Sistiana (du restaurant environ m. 600) les plages nues s'étendent environ 4 kilomètres.  Stationnement:  dans la rue Aguste Piccard (0,80 €)


Plages nudiste de la Cote de Trieste

Plage de la Cava di Sistiana

Les plages  avec  "habillement facultatif" peuvent être trouvées tout près de Sistiana.  La route  vers Sistiana, a 15 min. de Trieste,  passe par Barcola, Grignano et le château de Miramare le long de la Riviera.  Il y a beaucoup de plages ici et les deux plages  près du  stationnement payant sont des plages  textiles ( Castelreggio et Caravella).  Une promenade de 10-minutes par les buissons à la gauche du restaurant Castelreggio mène aux plages nues, qui sont situées sur de petites criques de marée.  La meilleure plage est abritée aux deux extrémités par les  roches.

Au delà de la plage, les falaises rocheuses se prolongent quelques kilomètres.  Il est très facile de traverser ces affleurements, qui sont également " habillement facultatif".  Vous pouvez vous asseoir sur ces falaises avec l'océan  ci-dessous.  Si vous n'appréciez pas la chaleur de la plage, vous pouvez vous nicher sous de grandes pierres pour échapper à la brise et pour trouver n'importe quel degré d'intimité que vous pourriez préférer.  Vous pouvez  entendre les bruits de la nature et d'une certaine conversation amicale silencieuse, et occasionnellement de la crête de ces roches vous pouvez voir des dauphins . 

Les eaux claires  de la cote au sud de Sistiana sont  un lieu tolérant, détendu.

À la différence de quelques autres plages de nudité "familiale", ce cote favorise une expérience de naturisme pour singles et couples. L'habillement est facultatif, cependant, dans tout ce littoral avec des équipements merveilleux pour la natation, bain de soleil, et plus.  Des plages en complet isolement sont entourées par des hauts arbustes et roches rocailleuses ."  Pas étonnamment, les visiteurs peuvent compter trouver là un "jardin de passion ".  Le naturisme de famille n'existe pas ici.